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Stuffed Banana Peppers

This is another one of my dad’s creative ways to use the dozens of banana peppers in his garden. My dad plants around 8 different types of pepper plants and we always seem to forget where the Hungarian Wax end and where the mild banana peppers begin. It’s kind of like Russian roulette eating a pepper at our house!

Get creative with these peppers! We have done several varieties like, cream cheese, cilantro, and lime or basil and goat cheese (instead of the cream cheese). Phil loves bacon, so we usually add it unless we are serving some of our vegetarian friends.

This stuffing is also great in jalapeno peppers or any other sweet or spicy pepper. The key is having medium sized peppers so they are easier to seed and stuff. We make a “T” cut right below the stem, then a long cut down the length of the pepper. You can usually open it up enough to scrape out the seeds and membrane. We place them on a piece of foil in indirect heat on the grill for around 20 minutes or until the skin of the peppers start to char. I have also done this in the oven at a friend’s house and baked them at 400 for around 20 minutes. 

stuffed peppers2

Time saving tip: the stuffing can be made a day ahead of time, and you can pre “stuff” the peppers and chill until ready (although we recommend letting them get to room temperature before grilling).

Stuffed Banana Peppers
  1. 10-12 medium sized banana peppers
  2. 1 8 oz block cream cheese, room temperature (I use reduced fat)
  3. 6 strips of bacon, fried and chopped
  4. 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  5. 2 T shredded cheddar cheese
  6. 1 T chives, diced
  7. Salt and pepper to taste
  1. 1. Preheat grill to medium to high heat.
  2. 2. Mix the cream cheese, bacon, garlic, chives and salt and pepper. Stuff peppers with cream cheese mixture. (This step can be done ahead of time)
  3. 3. Place peppers on a doubled up piece of foil and place in indirect heat on grill.
  4. 4. Cook for approximately 25 minutes or until skin begins to char and/or stuffing bubbles.
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