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Greek Yogurt Egg Salad

If you’ve followed our recipes, you know we love to use Greek yogurt whenever possible. Egg salad is no exception! We struggle to find things to take for lunch, so this is a great alternative to a boring turkey sandwich. A few of our other favorites to take for lunch are soups, chili, chicken salad, and hard boiled eggs. The great thing about egg salad is you can really add whatever you’d like. Play around with different types of mustard, relish, onions, etc. I’ve even added pimentos in the past when we had some in the fridge. My mother-in-law adds a little hot sauce to hers if you like a little spice. Our version is the more traditional version, but get creative! We eat this egg salad by itself, with crackers or in a wrap. 

Greek Yogurt Egg Salad
  1. 6 hard boiled eggs
  2. 1/3 c plain Greek yogurt
  3. 1T mustard of choice
  4. 1T fresh dill, chopped
  5. 2T finely diced red onion or chives
  6. 2T drained dill relish
  7. salt and pepper to taste
  1. 1. Rough chop the hard boiled eggs and add to a medium bowl.
  2. 2. Add Greek yogurt and mustard and incorporate with a fork until yolks are broken up.
  3. 3. Add all remaining ingredients and stir together.
  4. 4. Store in the fridge for up to 5 days.
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