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Lunch To-Go Recipes

Greek Yogurt Egg Salad

If you’ve followed our recipes, you know we love to use Greek yogurt whenever possible. Egg salad is no exception! We struggle to find things to take for lunch, so this is a great alternative to a boring turkey sandwich. A few of our other favorites to…

Breakfast Lunch To-Go Recipes

The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

If hard boiling an egg is so easy, then why is it so difficult to get them perfect every time? We’ve messed up our fair share – you know, that unappetizing green halo around the yolk. Good news, we’ve found a fool-proof method to a…

Lunch To-Go Recipes Weeknight Meals

Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

You may wonder why a greek yogurt chicken salad is categorized with the dinner items.  If you are grilling chicken breasts for a quick dinner, toss on two more and you’ll have lunch the next two days. This is a great recipe for getting the most out…