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Baby Food Purees

Baby Food Purees Recipes

First Foods – Sweet Potato Puree

Making baby food is something I am SUPER passionate about! Not only is it the most cost effective way to feed your baby, it’s the only way to ensure you know exactly what they are eating. The organic jars and pouches range from $1-$2…

Baby Food Purees Recipes

First Foods – Apple Puree

Apples are one of the first fruits we gave our son when we started him on purees. The first time they taste something this sweet, their faces just light up! We chose to start with green veggies first, then moved to sweeter veggies like…

Baby Food Purees Recipes

First Foods – Carrot Puree

I made all of our sons baby food when he was younger. I would focus on making just two new batches of food each week to ensure a good variety and supply on hand in the freezer. Baby food purees are so simple and…