About Us

You know the couple who takes pictures of their food in public? That’s us. It’s nice to meet you.

We’re many things – parents, frequent flyers, and DIYers – but professional chef isn’t one of them. Our inspiration comes the old fashioned way: by experimenting and tweaking the recipes that reflect our back-road travels and large family garden.

Because we cook a lot, we entertain a lot. Our toughest critic is a growing (and hungry) toddler. That brings us to Our Plate. We started this site to share recipes and passion for family-friendly fare.

Our cooking style is healthful and simple. We believe that ingredients matter, and that the farmers and gardeners are as important as the kitchenware and cutlery behind every bite. While some of our favorites are restaurant-inspired, many come from other recipes that we have modified to make our own.

Happy cooking, from our plate to yours.